's Guide to Shared Web Hosting
The Five "W's" of Shared Hosting
When it comes to shared web hosting, it's important to move forward with your eyes wide open.  For many webmasters it is a wonderful way to present your website to the world at a competitive price, particularly if the site is for your personal use or you are dabbling in making a little extra cash on the side.  But for some websites, particularly those whose livelihood depends on making sure that consumers can access their site without errors or hangups, it makes sense to select a dedicated web server on which to present your business to the world.

Do the 5 W's apply to shared hosting? They most certainly do and here they are for your information:

What: Shared hosting is best described as a hosting service that involves many different websites being stored on the same server.

Who: Those publishing a website for personal use, for a small business or those that do not think they will experience a lot of traffic or require many features will gravitate towards shared hosting.

When: When you do not think you need to use a lot of software and only require basic web applications, you may wish to go with a shared service.

Where: You can find scores of excellent shared web hosting services all throughout the internet.

Why: Mainly, when you are looking for a lower cost option with limited featured, shared hosting is the perfect selection.

The Pros and Cons of Shared Hosting

Yes, there are some positives and negatives associated with shared hosting. Those considering signing up with such a service need to weigh both to make an appropriate determination.  Here are's pros and cons:


● Lower cost
● Easier to operate
● Hosting service offers technical support


● Resources are limited and have to be shared with other users
● Greater risk of security breaches
● You will not be able to modify the system